What this is

This is an easy to follow advanced goal setting guide designed to be part of your journey to Live your best life.


This system is not designed specifically with business or career in mind but It encompasses all aspects of life, business, spirit and every aspect of being you and uniquely what equates to you living YOUR best life.


It’s not a 5-minute read. Or, a read once and forget.


To get the best from this system and guide, it requires time, but if you can invest the time, you will learn an amazing lifelong skill – the skill to set and achieve your goals.


There is a real danger that this system will help you to achieve your goals, dreams and be successful!

A real danger of helping you Live your best life.


One thing research has shown is most people have a fear of success, not a fear of failure. If you’re not ready for success, we don’t recommend reading any further.


Here you have it – A time tested, easy to follow – Simple, step by step system designed with the journey of life and success in mind – No matter what success looks like to you.


Why this goal setting guide has been created.

This guide was created because we could not find full featured goal setting system that encompassed all of life’s journey.


We found only parts of goal setting processes and … a mountain of useless generic articles of what SMART goals are. And strangely enough most of them were even giving bad advice.


For example, smart goals are not smart if they are one-year goals.

This huge in accuracy contributes to peoples goal failure. If goals are specific and actionable they should be limited to 90 days (we will clarify later why this limit).


You must also be warned, goals can boost your confidence like nothing else, but, goal setting can also ruin your confidence if you don’t have the appropriate systems and guidance in place.


Imagine a person who has no system or guidance and sets goals on their own. Maybe a “weight loss goal” and with no system in place they then fail multiple times to achieve this goal.


This would generally add to the “goals don’t work” mindset and even worse… this could ruin this person’s self-confidence and contribute to limiting beliefs that prevent them from living the life of their dreams.


That’s why we highly recommend reading, learning and following a proven guide like this one.


This is a 7 steps system that gives you:


➢ Clarity - what you want from life and why you want it;

➢ Confidence - that you are good enough to reach these goals;

➢ Motivation -  to jump out of bed full of energy.


Step 1: The Confidence Fuel tank

Step 2: The True Goals Discovery Process

Step 3: The What I Truly Want

Step 4: The Vision Game Plan

Step 5: The 90-Day Focus

Step 6: Setup Outside Accountability partner support System

Step 7: The Outside Accountability partner calls (aka Goal Reviews)


Before you start exploring the 7 steps system we recommend you speak with someone who has completed the Live your best life plan, and ask questions in order for you to maximize your chance at success.


Anyone who is part of the Live your best life program will be able to guide and support you on your path to achieve success in your life.


Remember – This goal setting journey will take time. You will not suddenly find clarity in 5 minutes. But, the more you embrace it, the better and quicker the outcomes will become.


And, remember our mission is –

“to support, inspire and empower our community to life their best life” Welcome..