Where the rubber meets the road

The rubber meets the road.

Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action can change the world.

During this step, we take on vision by vision and create a short-term action plan that moves you forward to live your best life - our 90-day action goal’s.

We examine limiting beliefs that may prevent you from achieving this vision goal. We will also analyse the stumbling blocks or blockages that may prevent you from achieving this vision goal and then turn them into stepping stones to success.

We will answer very important questions like:

➢ What? – What do you want to achieve specifically?

➢ Why? – Why do you want it? (Your motivation)

➢ Who? – Is there anybody how has the resources to help you achieve your goal faster?

➢ How? – What is the action plan?

Instructions Duration: 15-20 min per vision goal

This process will lead you from a vague, long-term vision to a specific next action you can take today.

Complete each step from 1 to 7 in that order. Ensure you have completed the previous step before you move to the next section.

The steps:

Step 1.

Write down one vision Just copy one of the visions you wrote in What I want – Live your best life step

Step 2.

Discovery your why – Write down the Why under your vision.

This will boost your motivation and you get clear why you want to achieve this particular vision goal. This will also keep you on track during hard times and when you are up against something seeming to be preventing your progress.

Why you need a why?

If you missed it, watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start with why”

Warning! If you don’t have a powerful enough why, you may even end up cancelling this goal. If you cannot articulate why you want something in a way that drives you, and that gets you excited to move towards it, it may be more advantageous to scrap it and put more energy into the visions that do juice you.

Step 3.

Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones Ask the question: Why this can’t happen now? Or what’s preventing me from completing this goal. And you will start to list issues, difficulties and problems.

Most people hide them, but they are there. The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them. Next to each problem write down an action or strategy how you could overcome them.

Step 4.

Transform your limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs Fact: we all have limiting beliefs. So, discovering the issues and resolving them will be the key. Read our article on limiting beliefs and goal setting.

The exercise is to write down what you think might be a limiting belief and substitute it with a supporting belief or an affirmation, if you like.

Step 5.

Brainstorm tactics. The next step is to brainstorm your best strategies to advance on this goal.

You can have different approaches.

Try to answer these questions.

➢ Are there habits that can support me?

➢ Do I need to acquire some skills that will help me?

➢ Who has achieved this goal or has the resources to help me achieve this goal faster? You may find it much faster and easier to ask for help instead of trying to do everything on your own.

And ask yourself finally:

➢ How can I achieve this goal? List all options

Step 6.

Choose your action goal’s for the next 90 days.

Let me quickly remind you what an action goal is. If you need a more detailed reminder, check our article on types of goals.

Action goals:

➢ Are specific actionable steps;

➢ Have a deadline within next 90 days;

➢ Once you commit to this action goal, you cannot change it during next 90 days

Step 7.

Write down the first and one next action you can complete within next week to move you towards your vision goal.

There you have it – We have moved from vague vision to a simple set of actions we will put into action in the next 90 days and the first next action we will take in the next week.

Each week, you will list the first next 1 action to take.