The most important step

**This is probably the most important step**


In order to achieve your goals, the most important step is setting up a support system to help you do it.


Steps 1-5 are the dreaming, the goal setting, and the visioning. 


With Step 6, it is the time to tackle one of the most critically important things in order to give you the best possible chance to be the success you are seeking and Live your best life.. This step allows you to have the support network to help you follow your dreams


Some studies suggest that 94% of people fail their goals just two weeks after setting them.


Generally this is because people don’t have the right support systems in place to keep them on track and help them through the challenging times.


Bear in mind, we are all human. At some stage, the process will be hard, it will be challenging, and down-right difficult – and you may just want to throw your hands in the air and give up. But, with the right support systems and network in place, it will allow you to get back on track.


The first thing you will need is a Outside Accountability Partner (OAP). Here we explain what type of person this is and how to go about finding one.


This step is short, but probably the most important one. The best way to achieve your goals is to find an Outside Accountability Partner.


If you don’t have a Outside Accountability Partner, there is a high risk that you will become one of the 94% statistic who drop and give up on their goal’s just two weeks after setting them.


As you go through life, you may get off track, but the purpose of the Outside Accountability Partner is to keep you on track. As stated before, probably the most crucial step in actually achieving your goals is setting up the right support system.

The Outside Accountability Partner is sort of an accountability partner. This is a person with whom you share your goals and each week, you speak to each other about your obstacles and successes. You act like coaches to each other.


Who can be your Outside Accountability Partner OAP?

If you have a life partner, start with your life partner.

You can be buddies in life and also in goals, this can be amazing.


However, if your spouse or partner in life is not “sold on goals” and does not like goal setting, don’t push it. Find a friend who sets goals.


The best Outside Accountability Partner is:

➢ A person you can trust;

➢ Has already written goals or some sort of system or has a burning desire to have one;

➢ Has the time and is committed to a 20-minute phone call each week.


Step-by-step instructions:

  1. On a sheet of paper, write a list of names of people you would consider for your Outside Accountability Partner;

  2. Start with the first person on the list and talk to them about this system. Invite them to speak face to face. If it’s not possible to meet face to face, call the person or share this guide.

  3. Ask the person directly if they would like to be your Outside Accountability Partner,

Remember – Goal setting and the Live your best life tribe will not be for everyone, so don’t push too hard.


No matter how clear you are on your goals – call your Outside Accountability Partner each week at the same time

(explained in detail in step 7)

Clarity and confidence will increase after each call, just don’t miss the call


More Explanation - OAP – Outside Accountability Partner?


Аn OAP is someone, usually a friend or acquaintance, who helps you stay on track with your goals.


All of us are busy and even if we set goals, most of us forget about them and don’t check them regularly. You may even relate to the statistics that 94% of all new years resolutions fail … usually within the first two weeks.


Our experience is that if you have an OAP supporting you, 94% of the goals will be achieved.


Your OAP would call you weekly and walk through your list of goals.

Questions like these get asked and discussed:


➢ What have you accomplished this week?

➢ What are the next actions for this goal for next week?


This is a very simple, yet extremely powerful system for taking your life to the next level.


“Each week we have a call and we help each other with our goals.”

Through the years this method of goal setting and accountability has developed a whole system for setting and achieving goals.


We constantly research the science behind goal setting, and test and improve our system. Our First Next step system has specific review points at various intervals - weekly, quarterly and annually – All designed with our mission in mind of “Supporting, inspiring and empowering our community to live their best life”


What we teach on this site is a version of our live goal setting workshop’s and interactive mentor session’s.


These workshops and sessions are where people dream about their life, get inspired by others and set up their goal setting and goal achieving system so they can “Live their best life”


Now you can take the first next step..