Look deep within - What drives you

Ever heard the saying:

“Ask and it shall be given to you”.

Well, here is the place to ask.

In the previous step we examined your life from various angles and were able to reflect on what could constitute you to Live your best life.

Now we get to dive in and see what is fundamentally important to you and ask “What is it you really want”

This question sounds simple, but for most people it can be quite difficult to be this specific and articulate.

From the previous exercise we have all the raw materials needed for you to be able to answer what it is you really want. This is the place to declare what you want for your life and what constitutes the pursuits for your to “Live your best life”.

If you have clarity on what you want then the “how” part becomes much easier.

The challenge is that most people constantly switch directions on what they actually want and make no progress at all.

This section will guide you like a lighthouse – It will be your rock.


Duration: 25min.

Downloadable template: The What I Want – Live your best life

Let’s create the vision of living our best life.

In previous exercises, we brainstormed and built area’s and roles for our life and examined what we want to experience, how we want to grow and how we want to contribute in this life. In this section, we have the raw materials to create the vision’s of our best life.

Generally, you won’t have just one life vision, but a series of vision’s for each part of your life. Maybe a vision for finances, or for relationships, for career, or for contribution, or for experiences etc.

The instructions for this exercise are simple:

As with previous exercise, you must imagine you have no limitations, no obstacles and nothing to limit your progress or your ability to achieve what rests in your wildest dreams.

The difference between action goals and visions

We use two types of goals – visions and action goals.

In short, your visions are a long term or 20 or 20+ year vision. Your action goal’s would be with a deadline within 90 days and would be actionable and specific (similar to SMART if you are familiar) and move you towards the achievement of your vision.

Again - here is not the place to be specific on the how.

These are not SMART goals these are long term, bring juice to your life visions.

These are the visions of how you will LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE and what it looks like…